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Par Excellence is the UK’s best and most widely utilised Golf Club Insurance Contract – underwritten by Zurich and handled exclusively by Circle Golf – Par Excellence offers unrivalled cover which  is partnered with the best service and advice in the country.

Property Covers

The cover itself has some very innovative ways of tackling common problems – it’s All Risks wording means a quibble free claims solution.

The fact that all playable surfaces of the Golf Course are insured for all eventualities means you can rest assured that your clubs largest asset is properly protected. Especially when you consider that both Greenkeeper Error and Compulsory Course Alteration Cover are provided as standard.

Buildings Insured under Par Ex not only enjoy a sum insured free cover, they also garner an average free policy and a free triennial buildings valuation.

We understand – in this day and age – that clubs regularly plant share, that is why Par Ex automatically covers Plant and Machinery on loan, hire or on transit between two clubs.

Cups, Trophies and Antiques also garner that special touch, with Circle Golf able to provide multiple options regards the way these rare and irreplaceable items are protected and when you tie this in with our valuation services, you again garner an unrivalled and seamless service.

Business Interruption

Circle Golf will not allow a situation to exist where your cover could be insufficient, that is why we offer a minimum indemnity period of 24 months. Furthermore, we were the Insurer to dramatically alter the manner in which Golf Club BI was calculated, providing as we do, free Cover for Loss of Members Subscription Income.

Add on Denial of Access, Loss and Payment of Rent Cover, Suppliers and Customers Extensions, Increased Cost of Working, Failure of Public Utilities and many more extensions, you will see that you glean a fully comprehensive Financial Support Package.

Employers, Public, Products and Personal Liability

We understand that a conventional EL policy will fall far short of a Clubs requirements. Golf Clubs employ many sub contractors – both bone fide and labour only, operate franchises and utilise voluntary workers more than most. Include your committee members and suddenly you have a great many people who might otherwise sit uninsured on a conventional contract. Not under Par Excellence where all such exposures are covered automatically.

The same is true for both Public and Products Liability, those activities of said sub contractors and franchises could have serious ramifications for the club, thus our Public Liability wording is as wide as our Employers Liability in this regard.

Then we come on to one of today’s great hot topics – Personal Liability – where does the club’s responsibility and thus liability begin and end in respect of the activities of Golfers at the club, does the club need to insure the Personal Liability of its Golfers, can such be achieved without onerous conditions and hefty bills, what action must a club take to mitigate insurers concerns in this regard. You can rest assured that we have been guiding clients through this minefield for many many years and have been at the forefront of providing solutions for the Golf community at large.

Financial Liabilities

Although we have mentioned many areas where Par Excellence stands at the forefront of the market, we feel that it is really within this area that our expertise and quality shine through the most.

We – thankfully – are past the days where Golf Clubs question the need for both Employee Dishonesty and Directors and Officers protection, however having these areas as “insured” on your schedule is only half the worry. Does your Employee Dishonesty cover only indemnify the club in respect of direct paid employees for example? Does your Directors & Officers cover protect the Club as a business itself, what about all the other potential exposures – well again you can rest assured our Financial Liabilities package extends to include:

Employee Dishonesty (including Committee and Franchise), Third Party Fraud, Phone Hacking and Misuse, Directors and Officers Liability, Corporate Liability, Employment Practise Liability, Pension Trustee Liability, Professional Indemnity for Event Management.

In addition to this our forensic cyber investigation extensions will provide post loss analysis of your site and pin point the security breaches that may have allowed the crime in the first place.

Motor Insurance

Par Excellence provides Road Traffic Act cover for all self propelled vehicles and as the club premises is defined as being 5 miles from every perimeter, the majority of clubs will enjoy Material Damage Cover for all said vehicles whilst out on the road, without need for any endorsements. Obviously any vehicles requiring specific cover will be properly insured but it highlights another area where Circle Golf have, spotted an exposure and, closed the door upon it, quickly and efficiently.

Personal Accident and Business Travel

Automatically provided and able to accommodate very extensive demands in respect of Occupational Protection

The contract also includes sectional cover for Terrorism, Money, Hired in Plant, Contractors all Risks, Engineering, Legal Expenses and Loss of Licence

Hole in One Cover

In partnership with Worldwide Hole in One, each client of Circle Golf enjoys automatically cover  in respect of Hole in One Prize Indemnity. Each year the Policy will allow you – at no cost – to insure the prizes of up to £5,000 at an annual event. Thus raising the profile and increasing revenue streams at the same time.


In addition to the market leading covers – Circle Golf also enjoys partnerships with Cunningham Lindsay – who provide both dedicated loss adjusting services but also Building Valuations under our “Clubhouse Extension” Facility. DAC Beechcraft who provide support under both the Financial Lines Cover and Legal Expenses section but also provide free legal advice for our clients, when necessary. David Tilleke is our preferred valuer in respect of Antiques, Fine Art and Silverware. We also enjoy partnerships with Fire Assessors, Pedal Lock Manufacturers, IT Consultants, Course Architects and many more. The truth is – if you need solid independent advice, we will be simply delighted to put you in touch with someone more than happy to assist you.

Latest News

Golf Management Group

Circle Golf are proud partners and recommended insurance providers of The Golf Management Group.

Guidance on how to avoid golf buggy and battery thefts.

There appears to be a significant rise in the number of thefts of golf buggies and/or their batteries from Golf Clubs across the UK.


The Club has been with circle for nearly 20 years and I have now worked with for them over 4 years and during this time have had nothing but great help and service from all the team. The advice given is practical and easily understood so we can implement it efficiently without any worry of small print undermining us in the future. I can highly recommend the personal attention you get coupled with the care taken to understand our business.

Neil Hampton – Royal Dornoch Golf Club